What is ASO?

ASO is our mid level service that is a step beyond what is provided in SMB Lite. With ASO you get the same basic level services along with Health Administration, Workers Compensation Policy Administration, OSHA Logs, Virtual Benefits ranging from online consultation and so much more. Find out more about ASO below and fill out the questionnaire with any further questions.

Manager Dashboards

Have access to a company profile dashboard and other dashboards designed to simplify your day to day tasks. Stay organized with employee and payroll dashboards that so many are taking advantage of.

  • Company Profile Dashboard
  • Employee Dashboard
  • Payroll Dashboard
  • Quick View Quadrants
    • Designated Favorites
    • Support Team Contacts
    • Recent Payrolls
    • Employees

Payroll Processing

The payroll module makes it easy to efficiently manage, approve and execute payrolls for your employees on time, every time. And with $55 billion in annual payroll processed, you can rest easy, knowing the HR Cloud is a tried-and-true payroll solution. Accurate payroll is key to keeping your business and team running smoothly, and having the control and flexibility you need, ensures not only can you be accurate, but the payroll works the way you want it to.

  • Payroll Review & Submission with Email Alert Received
  • Access Pending Payroll Data and Detailed Reports
  • Compare Previous Payrolls & Historical Averages for Accuracy
  • Click Final Approval for Processing
  • Once Posted, Email with finalizes Invoice and online recent detailed payroll report

Virtual Support Team

Along with SMB LITE is a virtual support team designated to be a resource in day to day questions. Included is request confirmations with automatic case references, utilization and understanding of the employee and manager portals, and our new chat bot tool that incorporates a community knowledge base.

  • Email
    • Request Confirmations with Automatic Case Reference
  • Self-Serving Portals
    • Employee Portals
    • Manager Portals
  • Valerie (Chat Bot) Tool
    • Incorporating a Community Knowledge Base
  • HR Consulting
  • Benefits Renewals
  • Risk Management Consulting
  • Payroll Consulting


  • Time And Attendance
  • Custom Reporting
  • General Ledger Information for Import?
  • Employee Loan Programs
  • Employer Loan Programs
  • SBA Program Preperation


  • Basic Reports
  • Tax Filings
  • Credit Filings
  • Employee Portals
  • Client Portals
  • Virtual Support
  • Support Email/ Number

Health Administration

  • Market Policy
    • (What is this?)

Workers Compensation Policy Administration

  • Market Policy
    • (explain)

Handbook Guides

  • Handbook Guides
    • types
    • what are they

1099 Services

  • Explain
  • links


  • What is this?

this will be a contact form specifically if they want to start the process of application, or it will link to starting the process (I think I vaguely remember John showing us something)

  • Comparison Chart
  • Payroll Processing
  • Manager Dashboards
  • Premiums
  • Virtual Support Team

similar to the Medi-HCM we will create a short promotional video on what it is, with VoiceOver. It will be good to send and attach with emails, as well as just an additional form of content for the page. I will have it storyboarded and we can discuss best use for it.

Pricing Questions

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